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Other questions

Can other pets attend if the owl is present?
No, for safety reasons we will not be able to attend if you are planning to feature other pets in the ceremony.

Is the owl messy?
No, these animals are very clean and do not "visit the toilet" during flight so there is no risk to your suit or wedding dress!

Is the owl noisy?
No, the owl is completely silent and remains completely calm.

Why doesn't the owl fly away?
The owl is hand-reared and regards humans to be its companions! The owl is highly trained and has a vested interest in flying to the glove in order to receive recognition and a reward.

How does the owl hold the rings?
The rings are safely secured to a quick-release clip attached to the owl's equipment. This means that there is no risk of the rings being dropped and helps them to be easily presented during the ceremony.

Who can receive the rings?
It is typically the job of the best man, however we are able to fly the owl to anyone who would like to receive the rings. In certain cases, the groom has received the rings and on other occasions the bride or page boy has received the owl.